Servicing your gear

If you are a serious diver, odds are you’ve invested significant money in your dive gear. So it goes without saying you want to take care of that gear, right? Not only will proper maintenance greatly prolong the life of your gear, but it’s also one of the best insurance policies for staying safe while diving.

Regular user maintenance requires that you visually inspect, clean and properly handle all the pieces of your setup using specific steps for both pre- and postdive care. So, before your next dive trip, follow the pre-dive steps in this guide to make sure your gear is safe and ready-to-dive. And at the end of your trip, or once you get home, follow the postdive steps to keep everything in top-notch condition until next time.

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Maintenance Services We Provide

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Regulator Servicing

Regulators require complete servicing periodically to prevent unsafe operation while you dive

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BCD Maintenance

A BCD should be maintained routinely, but the exact schedule is highly dependent on your exact make and model of BCD.

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Tank Servicing and Inspection

A tank (scuba cylinder) has the most stable service schedule, so it’s easy to keep an eye on it.

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Computer Battery Replacement

Changing of Battery. Leak Test. Pressure Testing.

Gear Check

Certain components of your equipment require annual inspection and service by a qualified technician. It’s a mistake to assume that if you haven’t used your equipment it doesn’t require service.
In fact, most technicians agree that rarely used equipment needs regular service more than equipment that sees more frequent use. Both your regulator and your BC should be checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually once a year.

To book a maintenance appointment for your gear Contact us on +971 50 119 4050